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The Perfect Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day- No Romance Needed

9 days ago

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to shower that special someone in affection and remind them how much you care. But if you’re one of the many singles out there, February 14th can feel like a long, un-funny joke made at your expense. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for all the happy couples out there! Skip the crowded and over-priced restaurants, and just have a fun celebration with your platonic loves!

Big Game FUNday

18 days ago


Sunday's big game, although not officially recognized as an American holiday, is probably as close as it can get without its own section of greeting cards. The night dedicated to athleticism and sportsmanship has something for everyone, even those who are not so into sports themselves. Below is a list of the classic football game party attendees and how to keep them happy and satisfied.

How To Make Your Valentine’s Day Gifts Stand Out

19 days ago

How To Make Your Valentine’s Day Gifts Stand Out

Whether you’re handing them out to your elementary school class, co-workers, or your friends, valentines are a great way to remind those in your life that you care. During this season of love, go beyond a few chocolates with pink wrappers- put a personal spin on your tokens of appreciation.

Five Valentine’s Day Facts We Love

1 month ago

1. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic love – according to Good Housekeeping, the most common recipient of gifts are teachers!

2. Verona, Italy receives thousands of letters addressed to ‘Juliet’ every Valentine’s Day – the home city of one of the titular lovers from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

3. The first “Valentine” card was created by a woman named Esther Howland, who earned about $100,000 annually in the 1850s for her work – in modern money, that’s about $3 million.

4. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated by women giving chocolate to all the men in their lives – both romantic and non-romantic connections. A month later on March 14th, the men return the favor to all the women in their lives on “White Day”, and give all their favorite women white chocolate.

5. Ribbons have strong associations with romance stretching back to the Middle Ages – knights would often carry favors of ribbons from their sweethearts into battle.

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The Kitchen Products That Will Keep Your Family Clean and Healthy

1 month ago

So many things are happening in your kitchen on any given day. From cooking meals to packaging school lunches, so many memories are being created in the busiest room of the house! We know how important it is for you to feel welcomed and tidy in your kitchen, so we’ve stocked up on great new kitchen items from Illume’s COLLECTIV collection. These products are sure to make you feel comfortable, fresh and best of all, look attractive and blend in with the rest of your kitchen décor.

Everything You Need for a Mystical Unicorn Birthday Party

2 months ago

Say hello to an iridescent unicorn wonderland! Unicorn-themed parties are among the trendiest of party themes as children and adults alike love this party idea. In addition to unicorns, the collection also features fun characters, clouds and rainbows to truly bring the nostalgic and trendy theme to life.

Continue reading on if you'd like to throw a unicorn party of your own. We have everything from fabulous decorations to matching plates, plus a variety of affordable party favors for building goodie bags your guests are sure to enjoy.

How to Pick a Superb Secret Santa or White Elephant Gift

2 months ago

Attending a holiday party this year? If you are, it’s very likely that you’ve committed to participating in the well-known White Elephant game or are considering bringing a Secret Santa gift to a coworker, family member or friend. Picking an excellent gift that fits into your budget isn’t always easy. There’s so much to consider, from the receiver’s personal preferences to picking an appropriate gift that will be useful to them.

Here’s some advice to transform you into the most successful Secret Santa at the party. Continue reading below for our best gift-giving tips!

How to Have a Successful Christmas Dinner

2 months ago

Christmas is a very popular and jolly holiday for some very good reasons. Your family and guests get to devour a delicious feast, plus they have the opportunity to spend time with family members they don’t always get to see. However, planning a successful holiday dinner isn’t as easy as it looks. There is always something that gets forgotten and oftentimes, your family might lose touch of the meaning of the special day.

We’d like you to have a stress-free and enjoyable Christmas dinner experience.Read on if you want tips on how to manage all, plus information about our exciting holiday sales.

Plan Ahead: Don’t try to remember everything in your head! You are juggling so many things, from basting the roast to making sure you have enough plates and cutlery to go around. We recommend stocking up on our Festive Round Plates ($8.00 per four plates) and Christmas Flannel Table Covers ($6.00 per 3 table covers) which are elegant enough for your table and very affordable.

Get everyone involved: By the time dinner is served, you might feel so exhausted that you’d rather skip dinner and go straight to bed. Avoid this feeling by accepting support from others. You don’t have to be a hero and handle the entire workload on your own. Teach the children about responsibility by letting them set the table or fill stockings (we have plenty of styles to choose from here!) up for the family. You can even assign certain tasks to family members so that you don’t feel overwhelmed in the kitchen. Not only will everyone enjoy mingling as they work in the kitchen, you’ll also have some breathing room to enjoy the festivities.

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Count your blessings: Remember, Christmas isn’t all about presents. It’s also a time to count your blessings and support those who are less fortunate than you are this winter. Gather your family and guests for activities in which they can give back to the community, such as volunteering at a soup kitchen or taking food donations to a homeless shelter.

Be ready for Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Stock up on affordable holiday decorations and supplies at great prices here.

Martha Stewart-Inspired Ways to Play with Our Snazzy Gift Bows

3 months ago

Did you know that Martha Stewart was a fan of our line of gift bows? Creating great quality items for the holidays has always been a passion of ours. That’s why we were delighted when Martha Stewart Living included our FLOMO bows in a feature in their December 2010 print issue. The magazine highlighted simple ways to decorate shoes, accessories and dazzling wreaths with our signature holiday bows! What better way to show up to all your holiday parties?

How to Throw an Unforgettable Friendsgiving Party

3 months ago

If you’re in college or live far from your family, you’re probably familiar with Friendsgiving celebrations that are quite common this time of year. Whether you live on campus and are unable to commute home for Thanksgiving dinner or feel less-than-thrilled about attending a formal (and sometimes stressful!) family dinner, Friendsgiving parties are fun and super trendy to participate in.