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"Poet Against Prejudice" Anti-Bullying Film Roadshow: Intervention and Prevention


Schools do not a need a formal structure to help students learn about bullying. Teachers can incorporate anti-bullying activities within their lessons.

"Poet Against Prejudice" Anti-Bullying Film Roadshow: Love Is Love

4 days ago

Bullies target those who are different and do not conform to typical societal norms. Many LGBT individuals are the target of bullying.

According to statistics, “about one fourth of all students from elementary age through high school are the victims of bullying and harassment while on school property because of their race, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion or sexual orientation.” Bullying can start at a young age and follow you throughout your high school, college and work years.

It is ok to be different – dare to be different.

"Poet Against Prejudice" Anti-Bullying Film Roadshow: "I Am Not To Be Blamed"

5 days ago

Often times, victims are blamed for being bullied. Never blame the victim for bullying. Parents, odds are you weren’t there when the bullying took place. You don’t know what really happened.

"Poet Against Prejudice" Anti-Bullying Film Roadshow: Actionless Bystander = Active Bully

6 days ago

Have you witnessed a bully take action? Did you do anything to stop him or her? If you were a bystander and chose not to take any form of action, you are just as guilty as the bully themselves. Often times, teenagers do not want the backlash of what comes with standing up against a bully, so they choose to ignore the situation.

"Poet Against Prejudice" Anti-Bullying Film Roadshow: Don't Speak

8 days ago

We are constantly altering our decisions because of those around us. We were told the words ‘don’t tell anyone’ since a young age. Our ‘friends’ may have manipulated us into not speaking up, or to behave just like them.

Now you have reached your high school years and you probably aren’t friends with those same people. The odds of your new friends at this age telling you not to tell a teacher about something, is very rare. This means that there are no excuses now, if you see something, say something.

​How to Decorate Your Entire Home for Halloween Under $40

10 days ago

Ready to hear something really, really spooky? Last year, Americans spent nearly 9.1 billion dollars on Halloween retail purchases. If that’s not enough to make you howl, think about how you might not even have a Halloween budget for your family in place yet. This can be especially true when it comes to decking out your home for the creepiest holiday of the year. We’re here to help your home look perfect for Halloween – haunted or not!

Here are three easy ways to decorate your entire home for under $40.

"Poet Against Prejudice" Anti-Bullying Film Roadshow: Our Campaign

13 days ago

Our campaign raises important questions, and we suggest that the questions are followed-up by the teachers. These workshops are different stations in which the teachers will be given a lesson to assign, and the students will have to participate. These lessons will teach students the true meaning of what a bully is, how to detect a bully, how to remove themselves from abusive relationships/friendships, and more! Questions will be posed to engage the crowd.

"Poet Against Prejudice" Anti-Bullying Film Roadshow: Our Purpose

14 days ago

Our Anti-Bullying Campaign includes many of the students and staff members in local high schools, and presents suggestions as to how to properly address different situations in relation to bullying. This year’s Anti-Bullying roadshow will have special guest speakers from local non-profit organizations such as Center for Hope and Safety, YWCA Bergen County and the Police Department. It is critical to do all we can to make our school’s environment safe and welcoming for everyone.

"Poet Against Prejudice" Anti-Bullying Film Roadshow: It Doesn't Stop Here

21 days ago

Bullying is not just a childhood issue that kids outgrow. Bullies remain bullies, until they are stopped. Bullying does not end in high school, either.

You already know the students around you in high school because you probably have been in the same school district with them for a long time.

Now, you’re going to college and the bullying doesn’t stop. This is because the bully was never disciplined or taught to take responsibility for their actions. Developing assertiveness skills can help you as you start this new chapter in your life and encounter many different personalities. Being confident can help you when it comes to bullying.

The Heartwarming Gift Your Child’s Teacher Will Appreciate

1 month ago

The teachers in your family’s life are constantly working around the clock. They invest so much time, energy, and passion educating children and shaping their lives on a daily basis. On top of all that, they make it all look effortless and easy. Want to show your appreciation? Here are three reasons to consider sending a hand written thank you card to your child’s teacher.