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Welcome to Glitzzie

Glitzzie is an online lifestyle shop, offering carefully selected products that make your living space SPARKLE and SHINE! Our products of choice are sourced internationally as well as locally.  You can shop the world from your armchair! Our team is dedicated to offering you a unique experience, sharing products we love and shipping them to your doorstep with the utmost care.

Our team is also a dedicated supporter of several organizations that aim to support and nurture the next generation of leaders! Visit our ‘giving-back’ page to see the meaningful work we do in our community. 

Meet our team




Wendy, a brilliant leader, inventor, and innovator (afterall, she is the mastermind behind the very popular FLOMO Brand products), created TZ in our GZ Labs after months of research, testing, and building. Wendy listened carefully to teachers, parents, and community leaders who wanted FLOMO products to do their job efficiently but couldn't meet the wholesale requirements. So... Wendy developed and TZ to service this life-changing demographic. Education, and hence teachers, are Wendy's primary focus.

  Jay-Rey knows the in’s and out’s of the web. Using TZ’s high-speed connectivity, they work as a team to keep the site in tip-top shape and make sure user experience is always a shining experience. 


Caitlin loves to tell stories and create art of all kinds. TZ helps her with all the site’s visuals, from product descriptions and enticing photos to making awesome content for our social media accounts!  

TangTang is a stickler in quality gifting. She has the reputation of being a great gift giver among friends. TZ helps Tangtang make sure that every gift we send out will arrive to the correct recipients soundly and with graceful packaging.



Tina guides all of us to give YOU, our valued customer, the BEST experience ever when you shop on Glitzzie. Tina is naturally very organized and because she hates shopping in retail stores, she has perfected the art of shopping on-line. She shares her on-line shopping do’s and don’ts with us so we make it easy for you.

PS:  She has an eye for gorgeous, rare, quality products and curates every item that we offer you.


TZ was born here in the GZ labs and is programmed to help the Glitzzie team find and ship the best products straight to your door! His holographic product selection tool – the star atop his head - allows him to compare millions of products at once and glows brightly when he selects the best one! He also has a built in news app, which culminates in TZ’s Touch Point once a month! Have you signed up?

Glitzzie team

Our warehouse and logistics team are all TZ’s helpers and we cannot get your purchases to you without them!

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